Hi All,

Here is our new family blog.  As all of you know we are expecting our second child (another girl) any day now.  Although it will  be challenging with an infant and toddler, I promise to try to keep up with my updates as much as possible…and I am also committing 100 percent to the weekly bear photos again.  Those turned out so fun with Lily, I can’t not do them with this baby.

So, without further ado, let me introduce Caroline Mary Johnson- you can call her Carly.  This ultrasound photo was taken at a session less than two weeks ago to make sure she was in the right position (we had been dealing with a breech baby for a while- but that is another post), but all was well and she is settled comfortably in the heads down position.

As you can see, she has quite the chubby cheeks:

just like her sister Lily did when she was born:

I am really thinking they are going to look alike yeah!

Lily is super excited to be a big sister and all of us are trying to patiently wait for her arrival (technical estimated due date was February 12th).  As many of you remember, Lily made us wait quite a while, so we should be old hats at this.  However, I have to admit that even though I have been through this before, I would love it if she chose to come sooner than later. 🙂

So, welcome to the new blog.  The next post will probably be an announcement of Carly’s birth, so look for it in next 2 (or 3) weeks. 🙂


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